Friday, October 25, 2013

The Red Meat Mafia

Able to Raise Tall Corn in a Single Season...

MOO U, I Got My B.S. in BS...

I'm a Product of Child Labor...

The Red Meat Mafia apparel company came out in July of this year with one goal in mind: To help start conversations about agriculture. We sure think shirt titles like those above do just that. 

The Family, as they are called, is a group of people who are involved in agriculture but all share the same mindset- that advocating for agriculture is important. They designed the shirts to be cute and cleaver but to also make people stop and ask questions. 

We joined the Red Meat Mafia because we believe in their philosophy and got a kick out of the shirts! We're always searching for a way to reach people about what we do. People want to be entertained and what better way to do that then by making them smile. It goes along ways to start that conversation.

 This shirt on the front has the Red Meat Mafia logo. One the back is Food Security. This shirt represents that farmers and ranchers are all part of the very important job of food security.

Each shirt comes with a small postcard that explains the meaning behind the shirt.  This is what makes Red Meat Mafia different then most apparel companies.  It's not just about selling a product, it's about telling the agricultural story.

We encourage you to check out the Red Meat Mafia website to learn more about the company and to order a shirt! 

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