Friday, December 17, 2010

Pacelle, HSUS Says Vick Should Have Dogs Again

Humane Society president open to Michael Vick owning dogs again

By the CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) -- The head of one of America's biggest animal protection organizations said Thursday that Michael Vick, who served prison time for his role in a deadly dogfighting operation, should have the opportunity to bring a dog home -- in due time.

Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle told HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell that the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback shouldn't get a pet immediately and should have to meet certain milestones whenever he does. But Pacelle, whose group has worked with Vick in public outreach efforts, said that it would be wrong to close the door to his ever having a dog again.

"He's been going through counseling, he's been speaking to kids twice a month, and he needs to interact with animals," said Pacelle. "If he continues to hit these markers, then if his daughter wants a dog two or three years down the line,... I'm saying that we should be open to that possibility."    Read More

So Pacelle and the HSUS continue to try driving animal agriculture out of this country yet he has no problem letting Vick own dogs again?  Vick forced dogs to kill each other and farmers and ranchers are using livestock to help feed the world and Pacelle thinks the farmers and ranchers are a bigger threat?  The reality bus left HSUS long ago but things like this continue to remind us how out of touch they really are. 

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Anonymous said...

Seems Wayne used Jane V. Mitchell to back out of that statement a little when he found it was very unpopular that he wants Vick to have a dog. What can we tell dog breeders who have had their dogs confiscated because of Wayne's world- of pushed lobbing efforts passing laws to make innocent people criminals. After costing dog owners 20-100,000 dollars, destroying lives, lawyers fees etc only to award the animals back.....but opps some have been euthanized. What does Mr. Pacelle have to say to these people and the thousands of dogs who have been conficated because of a call to an 800 number by the foot soldiers of animal rights and killed. Make no bones about it. Wayne want the abolition of all animals period.
Next they will be taking cows because of not brushing their teeth as that seems to be their next "abuse claim" in order to confiscate animals. Guess I need a big toothbrush for my cattle.
Vick needs a dog like Jeffrey Dahlmer needs a babysitting job.