Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ag is the Foundation of our Society

Ag aiding economy

By: Jerry Hagstrom, Special to Agweek

WASHINGTON — Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, in a Dec. 1 news conference, highlighted recently released trade and income statistics showing agriculture leading the country out of the recession.

Vilsack said USDA forecasts that U.S. farm exports in fiscal year 2011 will set a record high $126.5 billion, exceeding the fiscal year 2008, formerly the highest level on record at $114.9 billion.

Agriculture continues to be one of the only major sectors of the American economy with a trade surplus — which is expected to be $41 billion in this fiscal year, Vilsack noted. He said the forecast “demonstrates that the demand for U.S. food and agriculture around the world is stronger than ever,” with sales surging in China, Southeast Asia, North America and the Middle East.    Read More

Agriculture truly is the foundation for our society, and that includes our economy.  All wealth comes from the ground which is why a domestically raised food supply is so critical.  The instant we start relying on someone else to grow our food our country will be in grave danger. 

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Lori Anne said...

I believe we are already net food importers. We export relatively cheap grains, and import relatively expensive fruits and veggies. A large part of these fruits and veggies are so that we can have tomatoes and peachs yearround-without regard to season.

In recent years I've tried to become an American-avore. I almost always forego the imported summer fruits and veggies all winter. I can't find an American source for bananas and pineapple yet, and most of the mushrooms our store carries are from Canada now.

Ag is not only the foundation of our society but also of our economy. Without food all other segments of our economy will come to a halt.