Thursday, July 22, 2010

HSUS Says No Cages Are Acceptable

HSUS issues statement on cages for hens
Rod Smith

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and other activist groups in the U.S. and Europe that are focused on the treatment of farm animals issued a statement today that they are opposed to any form of cage housing, including colony-type enriched, or furnished, cages, for egg-laying hens.

Despite modifications that colony housing provides over traditional cage housing, modified cages still fail to meet the hens' behavioral and physical needs, according to the statement.

They have "unacceptably restrictive" space for the birds, which restricts the hens' ability for "running, flying and wing flapping, as well as dust bathing and perching," the statement argues. Such a "severe restriction" of their ability to exercise "is likely to lead to frustration, bone weakness and osteoporosis -- clear indicators of poor welfare," the statement says.

The statement calls for egg producers, food companies and others within the food industry to "do the right thing and end the use of cages to confine" egg-laying hens.    Read More

Just in case you were still in denial about what HSUS is trying to accomplish here, they have made it very clear that any livestock kept in any type of pen is unacceptable in their mind. The reason for this is that they have a stated goal to get everyone to become vegan. Piece by piece they must keep making it increasingly difficult for people to afford food produced by livestock. ~Troy


Exposingthelies said...

You know, these situations are becoming more RIDICULOUS every day.. You people seem to have lost all contact with common sense and reality.. You think that your "beliefs" about selling and owning animals are some kind of unversal belief.. You think that what YOU believe should be law and that somehow you have a God given or LEGAL right to inflict that "belief" upon the general public and legitimate businesses. Its is NOT your right no matter what you believe to TRY to tell me I cant raise a puppy or I can sell a puppy because IGNORANT people dont take responsiblitly for their actions. I don't tell you that you cant eat a steak because I don't agree with the way the animal is house our "slaughtered" to be put on your plate. I don't tell you that you can't drive your stinking SUV around my neigbiorhood when my family can hardly breathe clean air these days because of pollution.. The problem is, you extremist think that you can regulate and tell US what to do and we are supposed to just accept any and everything that YOU say should be law.. Im here to tell you, I WILL BE WRITING EVERY SENATOR, CONGRESSMAN, OBAMA, BIDEN, GOVERNOR and other offical for whom I can find a vaild address continually as I have for a long time now.. You have NO right legal or otherwise to try to inflict your ignorance on me and my family. You have NO RIGHT to try to tell me that I cant buy a dog from anyone that I want to.. Why don't you go follow PETA around and tell them TO STOP MURDERING 90+% of the dogs that they SUPPOSEDLY RESCUE EVERY YR.. LOOK UP THEIR KILL STATS.. Why don't you tell the ASPCA and HSUS ( and yes I HATE A REAL PUPPY MILL JUST LIKE YOU BUT I DON'T LIKE TO THE PUBLIC TO MAKE MONEY) to stop LYING to the public to gain donations telling people lies like "PUPPY MILLS/ BREEDERS" cause over population when the reality of it is it is a COMPLETE AND UTTER LIE!. Look up the stats online.. EVEN THE USGOV stats state that only around ten percent of dogs that are born in the U.S. each year come from breeders.. The other 85-90% come from IRRESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS.. YES THEY COME FROM YOU STUPID PEOPLE WHO DO NOT SPAY AND NEUTHER YOUR PET!.. If the ASPCA PETA OR HSUS would tell you that, YOU WOULD NOT GIVE THEM HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR because of these "Puppy Mill LIE commericals".. People need to know the truth.. YOU NEED TO SPAY AND NEUTER IF YOU REALLY WANT TO STOP THE MASS EUTHANIZATION of the esimated 4-12 MILLION (depending on the source ) cats and dogs that are MURDERED in SHELTERS EA YR!.. YOU, the general public who does not spay and neuter, let your dogs run up and down the road breedeing any and everything, YOU are the real culprit here.. LOOK UP THE STATS ONLINE.. STOP LYING TO YOURSELF.. ASPCA HSUS PETA STOP lying to the general public trying to get money out of them.. TELL PEOPLE THE TRUTH.. WE, THE NON-SPAYING, NON-NEUTERING PUBLIC are the real culprits here... Until WE, THE PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY, our local goverments start doing OUR jobs, there will ALWAYS be pet over population.. STOP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE FOR THE PROBLEMS YOU CREATE!..

Anonymous said...

could you link me to where the HSUS says they don't want any livestock in a pen? and that they want everyone to be vegan? because I'm a HSUS member and I'm not vegan and they seem to accept me just fine. you mean they want all the cows and horses and pigs and sheep and everything to just run around wherever they want? that doesn't seem right, does it. could you show me where I can read about this "pen-free" plan please. It sounds quite interesting. thanks.