Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Calgary Stampede Sponsors Targeted

Animal rights activists target Stampede sponsors
Updated: Sat Jul. 03 2010 15:21:25

With the Calgary Stampede less than a week away, animal rights activists have launched their first protest. This time they have a different target: Stampede sponsors.

Around a dozen protestors gathered at Tompkins Park, along 17th Avenue Southwest
The protesters say they are now targeting major corporations that sponsor the rodeo, including Bell Canada which had been sponsoring the steer wrestling event.

The group, called the "The Calgary Animal Rights Meetup Group" is urging Canadians to boycott Bell.

Jeremy Thomas from the group says, "Every year animals are hurt and killed and scared out of their minds for the sake of entertainment, not to mention the ones that get killed in the practice sessions." Read More

The Calgary Stampede has been a target of anti-rodeo animal rights activists for some time now. This year’s strategy is to protest the supporters of the rodeo. Even though a dozen protesters will do little to stop an historic rodeo that draws thousands of visitors to their city every year, it’s important that rodeo and animal agriculture take advantage of events like these to educate the public about what it is we do.


Shelagh said...

Every year these jokers line up around the grounds. Mis-informed & unwilling to come in & really see what goes on. Dr. David Chalack is the volunteer president and chairman of the board of the Calgary Stampede, a veterinarian and cattleman.

Here's a link to an article he wrote for the Calgary Herald regarding animal care at Calgary Stampede.


Do they really think that a Vet doesn't have the best interests of the animals as his primary concern? There's just no talking to them. We've been inundated with ads & propaganda from the Vancouver Humane Society, that is based more than 670 km (400+ miles)away.

We've been ingnoring them for years, hopefully the major sponsors, such as Bell, can do the same.

Danielle Lee said...

I am a proud volunteer with the Calgary Stampede. Along with many other dedicated volunteers we work hard to educate all the Stampede visitors (both urban and rural) about agriculture. We have many interactive displays and demonstrations showing how well farmers and ranchers look after their animals, the land and their crops. So while a few protest the Stampede, there are many of us who work hard to get the truth out there to everyone. If anyone is coming to the Calgary Stampede, come visit our agriculture areas, as agriculture was what started the Calgary Exhibition in 1886, and is still a huge part of the Stampede.