Friday, May 21, 2010

Farm Tours

Willamette Egg Farms opens doors to visitors
Congressional aides, students tour facility to learn about egg production
Capital Press

AURORA, Ore. -- About three years back, Gordon and Greg Satrum, father and son owners of Willamette Egg Farms in Aurora, decided to open their farm to visitors.

Not doing so, Gordon said, left the impression the farm had something to hide.

"It always was just a biosecurity issue," Gordon said, regarding why the farm previously banned visitors. "We were keeping out bugs."

Today Willamette Egg Farms offers a video tour of the farm on its website. And it occasionally plays host to local schools, which take advantage of the farm's offers to teach children about egg production.

"It is in our farm's best interest to adhere to the highest standards of animal care," the farm says on its website. "As egg farmers, we know healthy, well-treated hens in a safe environment produce the best quality eggs." Read More

Biosecurity must always be a concern anytime you start having people tour your facilities. However, there is no better way to explain agriculture and how food gets on a plate than by showing them first hand. We can never be too busy to share our story, so if you ever get the chance to host a tour look at it as a special opportunity. Congratulations to Willamette Egg Farms for being advocates for agriculture.

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