Monday, May 24, 2010

Animals Getting More Attention Than Abused Kids

Spotlight on animal abuse doesn't sit right with some
Adrian Humphreys, National Post, With Files From Trevor Wilhelm, Windsor Star Published: Friday, May 21, 2010

A mob of 200 gathered outside a Windsor, Ont., courthouse this week, showering vitriol and threats of torture and death on a man accused of sexually mutilating his dog. The crowd sought "Justice for Tyson," the wounded black lab mix.

A few days earlier, more than 100 protesters in Newmarket, Ont., held a mock funeral for animals euthanized during a ringworm outbreak at an animal shelter. Despite the pretend gravestones, real tears were shed.

Such public anguish and mass mobilization over animals has social advocates wondering why the streets often fall silent when such unfortunate fates befall fellow humans. One academic plans to launch a study of the phenomenon. "I look forward to the day when 200 people are speaking out about sexual abuse of children," said sex abuse survivor John Swales, a Windsor-based victim's advocate and support services advisor.

"There's no public display; it's just business as usual.... It is a dismal reflection of society when an animal receives more concern than a child." Read More

It doesn’t make sense to me how these animal rights activists can become zealots for animals while barely acknowledging the fact that many humans, especially children, go unnoticed. It’s hard to believe but some people, including upper-level personnel at groups like PETA and HSUS, truly feel that the lives of their own children don’t deserve any more consideration than that of the smallest insect. Obviously this is a pretty radical viewpoint they have taken and I feel sorry for their kids. The vast majority of people would never feel that way about their children but these radical viewpoints continue to permeate our society. ~Troy

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Mary said...

I am amazed that this is true and have thought so for years. I do not wish abuse on any living creature. Why do humans have a lack of care for the mistreatment children and a tug at the heart from animals. The truth may be that the scope of child abuse is so overwhelming that we are stunned. If we do not acknowledge it does that make it invisible!
It may be that laws are so styled as to send these kids back to their abusing situation. This beats down real effort toward help and is even more damaging to the kids and emotionally draining for welfare workers and good foster parents. There is no clear system that works for reporting or proving abuse unless the abuse is constant and brutal.
People are also shy to take on a damaged kiddo who will require real care toward maturity for many more years than a pet.
Come to think of it few pets are expected to mature, they are ideally thought of as perpetually the tiny baby. If pets misbehave or manipulate us when we adopt them it is thought to be cute and endearing. Maybe it is the shorter commitment time, the fur and big eyes, and the lack of vocal cords that can enable humans with parenting and philanthropic needs to fantasize what ever they wish in personal fullfillment from any response from an animal.