Monday, January 4, 2010

Livestock, Animal Testing May Cure Diabetes

Pig research gives hope for diabetes cure
By Jeff Sturgeon

A Blacksburg medical company says it is a step closer to finding a potential cure for one form of diabetes, tapping pigs as a source of healthy, insulin-oozing cells that might someday be transplanted into ailing humans.

Revivicor Inc. and researchers at the University of Pittsburgh recently reported that by injecting sickened laboratory monkeys with live, pig pancreatic cells, they reversed the monkeys' Type I diabetes.

Tests on diabetic people could begin in two years and, if they are successful, it could usher in one of the first approved human medical treatments derived from living animal cells.

With a global epidemic of diabetes taking shape, medical researchers are looking for answers for people who can't make or effectively use insulin to convert food to energy. Read More

There is a continuous stream of new medical breakthroughs involving the use of livestock. Not only do livestock help feed the world, they are also making it healthier. As much as the anti-animal agriculture people would like you to believe we can manage without using animals, the simple truth is that they make our lives better.

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