Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Am Angus Rounds Up 100K Views

Angus YouTube Channel Views Hit 100,000
Growing online video channel advocates Angus and agriculture

The American Angus Association®’s channel achieved a significant milestone this week, charting 108,000-plus video views since the page was introduced 17 months ago. More than 75 percent of those views have taken place during the last six months.

“This is a significant milestone in terms of online viewership,” says Crystal Young, Association assistant director of public relations. “This many video views in such a relatively short period of time is something we’re really excited to see. Today, we are averaging about 500 views per day – and our viewership continues to grow each month.”

Currently, the video channel contains 120 videos – all of which were produced in-house by Association staff.Young attributes the site’s growing popularity to an eager audience, strategic placement and — most importantly — fresh, positive content about agriculture. Many of these videos can be viewed by visiting and clicking on the “videos” button on the site’s navigation bar. In addition, these videos or links may be posted by outside parties directly to their own web sites.

“Association members and our viewers are telling us the videos hit home in an environment dominated by anti-agriculture messages,” she says. “Whether you’re an Angus producer or a consumer, there’s something here for everyone.”

“Online media is the fastest, cheapest way to communicate a message in today’s fast-paced market,” says Young. “Our YouTube channel and increasing online presence allow us to better serve our members and their customers as well as advance a positive message about agriculture to the mainstream public.”

Here's a link to their latest YouTube video that highlights two ranching families in Oregon.

It’s great to see agriculture having an ever-increasing presence online. Congratulations to the members of the American Angus Association for achieving a great milestone with their videos. They have done a great job of focusing on the people and families that raise cattle in their videos. The link provided will take you to one video that shows how a ranching family has helped restore wildlife in their area through careful land management. That is what we need to continue doing. As I mentioned yesterday, one of the biggest issues we have to overcome is the fact that millions of people in this country don’t know a farmer or rancher. Introducing ourselves and breaking the myth that food somehow magically appears is the goal we need to keep striving for.

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Texas Cattlewoman said...

Thank you Troy! I've had a wonderful time viewing the "I am Angus" videos. I am an American Rancher providing a sustainable ranch to not just my cattle but to the wildlife around me. I am proud to be an American Rancher!