Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby on Vegan Diet Dies

Murder convictions upheld against vegans in baby's death
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The Georgia Supreme Court on Monday unanimously upheld murder convictions against an Atlanta couple who allowed their 6-week-old baby to starve to death.
Jade Sanders and Lamont Thomas, both vegans, were convicted in 2007 by a Fulton County jury. Living in the Darlington Apartments, they chose to have their son, Crown Shakur, born in a bathtub with no medical aid.
When they took the infant to nearby Piedmont Hospital on April 24, 2005, the baby was emaciated, weighing 3 1/2 pounds. He died of extreme malnourishment. Police said his diet consisted of only soy milk and apple juice.    Read More
This is certainly a tragic case but hopefully because of the death of this baby more people will realize the importance of a balanced diet.  


Shelli @ Road to Ranching said...

I am passionate about ag too and excited to find your blog. I hadn't even heard about this story - thanks for letting us know to get the word out about healthy animal protein.

Zev said...

Wow -- what kind of people think soy milk and apple juice is a complete diet for a small baby? That's crazy. If you were all about being 'naturally vegan,' wouldn't you also be all about breast-feeding, and at least give your baby a chance? thanks for sharing.

Patty said...

If parents want to do vegan thing they need to have some knowledge about it. Lots of people in Asia are vegetarian for the whole life without any problem because they know exactly what they are doing.