Friday, August 5, 2011

Shelter Closing Due to Association with HSUS

Second Chance Rescue Center Closing Its Doors
Published: July 22, 2011, 6:08 AM
SIOUX FALLS, SD - A Sioux Falls animal shelter that recently fired its executive director and has faced financial troubles is closing. 
Second Chance Rescue Center announced Friday morning it could not overcome challenges it was up against and has decided to close its doors Sunday, July 24. 
In May, the organization announced it had fired its founder and executive director Rosey Quinn, but wouldn't say why, and that the shelter was going to head in a new direction. The organization's Board of Directors said that would involve a transition from a rescue center to an adoption center and a name change. 
The shelter also was involved in controversy over the past several years, including the large dog raid in 2009 where 172 dogs were taken from Turner County dog breeder Dan Christensen. The charges against Christensen were dropped when a judge decided Quinn acted illegally in obtaining a search warrant.    Link

Second Chance Rescue in Sioux Falls learned the unfortunate lesson of what happens when you work with a group like the HSUS that is more concerned with ending livestock and pet ownership rather than animal welfare.  As is the case in most animal welfare issues that HSUS is associated with, the animals end up suffering worse.  The HSUS convinced this shelter to lie to a judge in order to get a warrant to seize a group of dogs.  When the truth finally surfaced the judge order the dogs returned and now the Sioux Falls community has one less animal shelter.  


Rob Wakeman said...

From the press release, sounds like they had way bigger problems than being associated with HSUS. Kinda sad that you're politicizing the homeless animals of Sioux City because you have a beef with some vegans.

Jodie B. said...

Where is the connection between the shelter and HSUS shown? Would like to post.

Troy Hadrick said...

@ Rob - It happened in Sioux Falls, SD not Sioux City, IA. While it wasn't being run right in the first place, the lawsuit against Second Chance due to the illegal seizure of the dogs was the final blow. I think it's important to share this story so other shelters don't get involved and suffer the same fate.

@ Jodie - Here's an article where HSUS tries to downplay their involvement.

Troy Hadrick said...

You can also read the court's decision here:

Anonymous said...

Got some proof of this, Troy? That's a pretty damaging accusation, if it's true.

"The HSUS convinced this shelter to lie to a judge in order to get a warrant to seize a group of dogs."

MorganLvr said...

Just a word. I'm NOT a Vegan. I'm NOT anti-ag in any way. I'm not against humane slaughter. I eat beef. I own horses. Just so you know.

Okay. It's really not a great idea to try to demonize everything and everyone who is for the improvement of animal welfare. Bad PR for no good reason.

Yes, some are radical - PETA and SHARK for example are nuts. HSUS is not my favorite organization, but they are NOT in the same category as PETA. Really, they're not. And, they have done some good work. They are not dead-set against animal ag like PETA and others. In fact, they helped draft the Humane Slaughter Act.

Another question I've been dying to ask is WHY is the cattle industry so rabidly pro-horse slaughter? I'm from Texas, and the old law against horse slaughter that ultimately shut down the horse slaughter plants there was instigated by cattlemen!

So, why the dramatic change? Seems to me that horse meat is a direct competitor to beef. Why would you support that?

And, of course you know what it takes to raise a food animal that's fit to eat, and that horses don't even come close. You know you can't take an animal that has been exposed to bute and who-knows-what over his/her lifetime as a companion/sport animal and suddenly decide they are a food animal and fit for human consumption. So, what's the deal?

mustlovedogs4me said...

My name is Carri Trygstad and I am starting a pet sanctuary in the Sioux Falls area called Happy Hearts Safe Haven for Pets. I just wanted to leave a comment about this whole situation beause I find the whole thing just very very sad. Many animals lost their lives for no reason and this whole "no Kill" is nothing more than a pack of lies. I struggle with this daily as I feel the public needs to be aware of how "shelters" are infact run and how many lives are lost do to over crowding and other issues. I find it disturbing that most people are unaware of how safe a pet is when turned over to some shelters. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that the majority has the best interest of the pets at heart, but alot of the times are drivn by money. The only way to keep these pets from being put down for no other reason that space and bad behavior is education. Education is the key. Take the time and screen potential owners and make sure all pets are "fixed" before sending them out in this world.

Troy Hadrick said...

@Terry - Nobody is laughing about the shelter closing Terry. The point of sharing this is to expose HSUS for who they really are or more importantly who they aren't.

@Carri - I'm glad you are helping to pick up the slack that was left by the Second Chance/HSUS debacle. Best of luck to you, there's no doubt you will be busy!