Monday, June 20, 2011

Crop Improvement Methods Ridiculed?

Hawaii’s One-sided Love Affair with GMOs
Sunday, June 19, 2011
By Molokai Dispatch staff
Community Contributed
Clearly the GMO corn seed companies have cultivated a love affair with Hawaii’s legislators and governing agencies with a crop of alluring promises of tax and employment benefits. Instead, this love affair has birthed unrestricted and unregulated access to our scarce agriculture resources of water and land for Monsanto, Pioneer,  Syngenta, Dow and BASF, with no oversight, no inspections and no protections against unintended – but sure to happen - consequences.

The GMO seed companies are the ultimate self-licking ice cream cone; with no consumer demand for the non- food product, the companies created an artificial demand called “crop improvement”, then manipulated genes to create new patented life-forms, then controlled all research, production, sales, distribution and ultimately replanting.
Better to advocate FOR environmental responsibility: GMO science promises that there is absolutely NO environmental risk from their new genetic life-forms; that it will never happen. These promises have nothing to do with prudent and practical safeguards that answer the “what if” question and that legislate environmental clean up of any contamination from GMO research companies. Why does our environment need protection?? Read More


Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Advocates for Agriculture, am a huge advocate myself, and constantly spread the word of not only agriculture, but your effort itself.

After reading this post, I am curious. What is your intended goal behind posting this? I am in no way a fan of those same corporations who have patented their GMOs. But, as a journalist, considering the sources of the story and who they are backed up by is important.

I am simply curious as to why this article? And what is your intended goal?


Anonymous said...

Obviously these people don't don't understand that crops are food.

Troy Hadrick said...

Anon - I shared this because of the comments that were put into the story. For someone to claim that the idea of crop improvement was invented by seed companies is ridiculous. To claim that gmo crops don't count as food is just as crazy.

As always, my intended goal is to educate people about agriculture. When someone is spreading information that isn't accurate then I want to highlight that.

Thanks for being a fan!

Kem Minnick and Tabitha Farrar said...

Good post with important information. Clever marketing and loophole labelling are enabling Monsanto to continue to devastate our food systems. This has to stop. GMO labelling has to be forwarded to allow consumers choice.