Monday, September 28, 2009

Farming: Stressful, But Worth It

10 Stressful Jobs That Are Worth It
By Anthony Balderrama, CareerBuilder writer

I don't know anyone who goes a day without feeling a tinge of stress, but rarely do we all pull our hair out for the same reasons. I'm panicking that my DVR failed to record my favorite TV show; a friend is celebrating her birthday and realizes she hasn't achieved any of her personal goals; another friend is worrying about his sick child.

Not exactly the same kinds of stress, but our blood pressure rises nonetheless.

We've put together a list of jobs that have quite a bit of stress, and in our opinion, these jobs are worth the gray hairs and momentary bouts of anxiety.

Here are 10 jobs that come with equal amounts of stress and satisfaction (in alphabetical order):

3. Farmers Why it's stressful: Physical labor plus anxiety about Mother Nature equals stress. You start work early and stay late, all while being outside. That is if bad weather doesn't ruin your crops. Not to mention the variety of economic pressures for small farms that face competition from large businesses and manufacturers.

Why it's worth it: Farmers are among the few workers that every person in the country relies on for survival. How's that for job satisfaction?

How much you'll earn: Varies Read More

It’s no secret that being involved in production agriculture is stressful. So not surprisingly, farming showed up on a list of high stress jobs. However, it was refreshing to see this article also highlight the rewards that we enjoy in this profession. Without out people growing food, this planet would grind to a halt. Having a safe affordable, abundant food supply is one of the key reasons our country is a superpower.

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