Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Staged Video

Gemperle investigation reveals "staged, manipulated" video; group disputes claim
Posted on: 5.12.2008

Gemperle Enterprises, a large commercial egg producer that was accused in undercover video last week of egregious animal abuse when workers were shown kicking and stomping on hens and leaving diseased and injured birds to suffer in their cages, issued a statement tonight that the video was "a staged, vicious attack" on the company.

"We are continuing to investigate and now know that our employees (in the video) were coerced by the activist to engage in behavior that is against our high standards for hen welfare for the sole purpose of filming a sensational video," the company said.

The activist in question was an investigator for the vegan activist group Mercy for Animals that publicly released the video.

Gemperle Enterprises further reported that an entry-level employee said he was "directed by the activist" to perform acts of abuse while being filmed and that not were the more sensational video segments staged, but the film was "manipulated" to include footage "sped up to appear more forceful and extreme." Read More

The biggest story here is not that they staged this video, but rather that this group contributed to the abuse and suffering of these animals. If these groups were so concerned about animal welfare, they wouldn’t have contributed to their suffering. I would expect that every other group that claims to have the best interest of animals in mind would call for the prosecution of these criminals. If not, they have shown their true hypocritical colors.

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