Friday, May 2, 2008

Doctor wants Researchers Murdered

Killing Researchers Is “Morally Acceptable,” Says Popular Animal Rights Activist
Dr. Jerry Vlasik is quoted as saying, "killing researchers, involved in animal testing, could save millions of non-human lives.” (Four Points Media)

A controversial animal rights activist spoke in a conference in Salt Lake City, Saturday. 2NEWS' Brian Mullahy spoke with the Doctor who had some startling words about methods used for the cause of animal liberation.

Dr. Vlasak is a trauma surgeon in Southern California. And to him, all forms of life are precious.“I save lives everyday at the hospital. Everyday, I go to the hospital, I save lives,” says Dr. Vlasak.

But the doctor feels that if necessary, it’s morally acceptable to take human lives, if it saves the lives of many animals. Years ago, Vlasak was quoted as saying, “I don’t think you’d have to kill -assasinate- too many. I think for five lives, ten lives, fifteen human lives, we could save one million, two million maybe ten million non-human lives.” Read More

Besides advocating for the murder of researchers doing research on life saving medical treatments, Vlasak is also the spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). ALF is considered one of the top domestic terrorist threats in the United States, and its partly because of their total disregard for human life. Never should the life of an animal be worth a human death.

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Bailey Norwood said...

Interesting post. I have conducted related research. In a nationwide survey, I asked the following question.

"Suppose a new technology could eliminate the suffering of one human or X farm animals. Should the technology be used to
reduce the suffering of one human or X farm animals?"

We varied the value of X from one to thousands. From over 1,000 responses, we found that when the value of X exceeded 11,500,
most people elected to reduce the suffering of the farm animals. When X was less than 11,500, they preferred to save the human.

What does this mean? For the average American, the suffering of one human is equivalent to 11,500 farm animals.

I'm not writing this to make a point, I just think it is interesting.

Reason Magazine published an article on this finding. The link is at Enjoy!

Bailey Norwood
Associate Professor
Dept. of Ag Econ
Oklahoma State University