Tuesday, May 6, 2008

PETA's Cow Memorial

St. Paul Stockyard May Be Future Site of PETA Cow Memorial

ST. PAUL – Land that was once the world's largest cattle stockyard may end up being the site of the future PETA cow memorial. After 122 years in business and 300 million cows slaughtered, PETA is asking that the animals who died at the South St. Paul stockyard be commemorated.

Monday, in a letter sent to Greg Miller—president of Interstate Partners, the company that owns the land and plans to redevelop—PETA urged that the land be developed into a memorial for the animals. Read More

In this world, things need to die so that other things can live. The animals lives weren’t wasted, rather they were utilized. Animals are a valuable resource that would be wasted if groups like PETA get their way.

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