Friday, October 1, 2010

EPA's Anti-Ag Agenda

NCBA Blasts EPA for Anti-Agriculture Agenda


by Gary Truitt

The National Cattleman’s Beef Association has launched a series of blistering allegations against the Environmental Protection Agency. Last week EPA administrator Lisa Jackson testified before the Senate Ag Committee that her agency is not out to get American agriculture. But, this week National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Chief Environmental Counsel Tamara Thies accused the agency of trying to put the cattle industry out of business, “It is ironic that as we strive to become less dependent on imported oil the policies of the Obama administration are likely to make us more dependent on imported beef.” She accused the EPA of waging a war to bring an end to production agriculture, “EPA exhibits reckless indifference to scientific fact, and instead imposes stringent regulations based on nothing more than its biased, anti-animal agriculture agenda that will leave many cattle operations with no recourse but to shut down.”

Speaking on Wednesday at a forum focused on the impact of EPA regulations on job creation and economic growth in the nation’s rural communities, Thies told members of the Rural America Solutions Group that EPA’s regulations will result in a loss of jobs, just the opposite of what the White House says they want to do. She said EPA regulations are causing economic uncertainty in the cattle industry and throughout rural American because they are “vague, overreaching, costly, unnecessarily burdensome, ludicrous, and sometimes illegal.”     Read More

The mentality at the EPA is that everything humans do is inherently damaging to the environment and that their job is to continually come up with more “solutions” to these problems.  It’s beginning to look like the EPA is more of a threat to the people of this country than people are to the environment.  This has never been more apparent that it is now with their goals of regulating dust. 


Anonymous said...

You are so right about the government trying to tear down Farmer's rights.

Look at this short and to the point website I found on the real world details of Prop C that has been proposed in Merced CA. This prop will strip the rights of small farmers, hurt their ability to run solvent businesses, and have a terrible impact on the local economy. Check it out at:

Frightening plan being put on the ballot by someone from outside the county... we need to kill prop C and save the rights of farmers.

Riverdance Farmer said...

Measure C is put on the ballot by Farmers from within Merced County. Fight with truth, not lies.
Cindy Lashbrook