Monday, November 17, 2008

PCRM's Latest Attack

California Attorney General Opposes Animal Rights “Cancer” Lawsuit Against Grilled Chicken

Phony “Physicians Committee” Slammed For Cynical Courtroom Ploy

Sacramento – Today, the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom applauded California Supervising Deputy Attorney General Edward Weil, for arguing against an animal rights group seeking to use the state's Proposition 65 law to force cancer warning labels on grilled chicken sandwiches.

Last week, Weil wrote in a memorandum to Superior Court of California Judge Emilie Elias that the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM, a deceptively named animal rights group) “has submitted nothing to establish that there is any plausible claim that a warning is required,” and that “provision of the warning would not be in the public interest.”

His argument comes at a point in a pending case in which PCRM is seeking approval for a settlement under which consumers would be needlessly warned that eating grilled chicken could expose them to a cancer-causing chemical. But as the Attorney General writes, “warnings need not be provided where the chemical in question is created by a process [cooking] that actually has the net effect of making the food safer to eat, i.e., killing bacteria.” Read More

The attempts to stop consumers from eating meat continue by PCRM. About the time you think you’ve heard it all from these groups, they come along and want to put a skull and crossbones on a grilled chicken sandwich. Humans have been cooking meat over a fire for thousands of years and, for our own good, we will continue.

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