Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Research Center

Livestock center will address environment
Dairy producers provide impetus for education, research
Dave Wilkins Capital Press

Plans for a $30 million livestock research center in Idaho are moving ahead despite a slumping economy.

Fundraising efforts are continuing for the center, which will cost an estimated $25 million to $35 million, leaders of a private foundation said.

The group behind the proposed Idaho National Center for Livestock and Environmental Studies is considering the possibility of acquiring property with an existing dairy or livestock facility and modifying it rather than building all-new structures.

Idaho dairy producers have led the drive for the proposed center in an attempt to solve some of the environmental challenges facing the industry. Read More

A lot of times we hear that “factory farms” (whatever they are) are driving smaller farms out of business. But the truth of the matter is that excessive regulation does more to drive them out than anything. With environmental regulations growing exceedingly difficult to afford for smaller producers, this research center intends to work on that problem. Even though the general public is unreceptive to sound science about animal agriculture, it will always be necessary to have good data for our use.

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