Friday, June 6, 2008

Promoting Veganism

Farm Sanctuary founder in town to talk vegan

In Gene Baur's ideal world, everyone is vegan, and animal agriculture (yep, cheese and dairy included) is nothing more than a historical curiosity.

Given current farming practices, that's about as plausible as flying pigs.

And Baur knows it.

What he's after is promoting the argument that animals have rights and are not simply a commodity, along with elevating people's consciousness of the animal products they eat and the methods — confinement, heavy doses of antibiotics, branding, force feeding, etc. — sometimes used to bring them to the dinner table. Read More

I tell people all the time that the goal of groups like Farm Sanctuary is to eliminate animal agriculture and most people don’t think that can be possible. It can be possible if those of us in ag fail to do anything. It is imperative that we continue to promote ag by telling the positive story of American food production.

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