Thursday, June 19, 2008

Canadian Horse Slaughter Ban

Group calls for national ban on horse slaughter
Jordana Huber , Canwest News Service
Published: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TORONTO - A group calling for a national ban on the slaughtering of horses released more documents and video footage Wednesday from inside a Saskatchewan processing facility as further evidence they said of the "inhumane" killing of horses.

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition said more than a dozen Canadian Food Inspection Agency violations can be seen in hidden-camera footage taken at the Natural Valley Farms slaughter plant in Neudorf, Sask.

In a report entitled Black Beauty Betrayed, the coalition detailed concerns about improper transport and slaughter practices at the facility but suggest problems in the industry are widespread. Read More

A push has begun in Canada to ban the slaughter of horses in that country. Horse slaughter has increased 37% in 2007 due to the ban in the US. If Canada bans the harvesting of horses, you will see the even more problems in this country with abandoned and neglected horses.

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