Monday, April 14, 2008

Bird Store Protested

Bird store fails to block animal rights protesters

The Associated Press

BURLINGTON, N.J. - Animal rights groups have approval to demonstrate in front of a Burlington County bird store.

Bird Paradise had sued three groups in an effort to block a protest planned for Saturday.
The American Civil Liberties Union aided the groups and says a state judge in Burlington County dismissed the case on Thursday.

Store owner Kathie Hahn says she filed the trespassing lawsuit because the chosen location , along busy Route 130 , wasn't safe and infringed on private property. Hahn says the groups could have chosen another road by the store. Read More

More and more pet stores are starting to be the focus of the animal rights movement. Not only do they not want us to utilize animals as a resource, but they want to be able to tell you which ones you can have as pets. It’s just another way animal rights groups are chipping away at individual freedoms.

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