Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Modern Farming In Nigeria

Research shows maize production in Nigeria can be doubled

Scientists working on maize research have demonstrated the ability of local farmers to double maize yield in Nigeria from 1.5 tons per hectare to 3 tons per hectare using improved seeds and agronomic practices.

Pastor O.A Adenola, President, Maize Association of Nigeria, in an interview, says farmers in the project harvested about 3 tons per hectare of maize.

“The good news is that doubling maize production in Nigeria is practicable. The research also proved that we can be better farmers and make more money if we use appropriate technologies,” he says.

Scientists say results from the two and a half-year project, which was funded by Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development and started in 2006 indicated that Nigeria can double her current maize production of about 7 million tons to 14 million tons. Read More

It will be interesting to see if the same groups that protest the use of modern technology here in the United States will go to Nigeria and try telling them that they should use it. Or do you think that the residents of that country will be protesting the fact that these modern food production techniques could double their output. My guess is no. People that are hungry seldom complain about increasing food production.

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