Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Is A Factory Farm?

Factory farms under fire
By KAREN DILLONThe Kansas City Star

DREXEL, Mo. Hundreds of pregnant sows stand, almost immobile, facing the same direction — they can lie down on their chests, but they can’t turn around.

The narrow stalls hold 800 hogs in just one building on Scott Phillips’ farm, which houses 10,000 hogs in all. It’s modern farming, and Phillips and others say it’s good for the pigs, keeping them safe and healthy.

“It’s our God-given responsibility to take care of these animals,” Phillips said.

But increasingly, animal welfare advocates say the treatment of livestock on factory farms, where thousands of pigs, chickens or dairy cows live in warehouse-type buildings, is harsh and inhumane.

“If most people knew the reality of how abused farm animals are, they would be outraged,” said Paul Shapiro, senior director of a Humane Society of the United States campaign to protect livestock on factory farms. Read More

This particular newspaper in Missouri has become rather infamous for being anti-agriculture. They seem to love throwing around all the buzz words of the day that paint agriculture in a negative light. Apparently they were so excited about getting anyone to talk negatively about ag that they actually quoted an ag economist about if these sows are happy or not. Judging by his title, I wouldn’t think he would have much experience in determining how a sow feels about her situation. But, there are many people that do have that experience and that is the American farmer and rancher. We dedicate our lives as caretakers of animals. Share your experience with consumers whenever the opportunity presents itself. You are the expert.

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