Tuesday, October 21, 2008

HSUS Gets Religion

Humane Society asks the church: Where's your humanity?
All God's creatures great and small

By TRACIE SIMER tsimer@jacksonsun.com• October 18, 2008
The Humane Society of the United States released a film called "Eating Mercifully" as part of its new "All Creatures Great and Small" campaign.

In the film, Dale and Elaine West of Archer, Fla., share how their Christian faith led them to give up their meat consumption. The couple lives on a farm that has been turned into an animal sanctuary.

The film examines Christian perspectives on factory farming. Some of those featured in the film call for humane treatment of farm animals and some, like the Wests, advocate not eating animals at all.

Joel Allen said there are some passages in the Bible that seem to talk about the treatment of animals and vegetarianism. Allen is an associate professor of religion and Bible at Lambuth University.

Allen is not vegetarian but says an argument could be made for Christians to seriously consider a vegetarian diet, Allen said. Read More

I continue to monitor the HSUS effort to convince different denominations to join their out-of-touch attempts to eliminate animal agriculture. Many producers don’t realize what their own church is doing when it comes to eating meat and dealing with animals. I would encourage everyone to investigate that further. You may be surprised.

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