Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Farm American Coverage

I have really appreciated all of the media coverage of the Farm American project.  A big thank you to Vicki Myers from Progressive Farmer/DTN for this article. 

Ag Warrior

Cowboys, Farmers, Furniture and NASCAR

Victoria G. Myers Progressive Farmer Senior Editor

Mon Nov 29, 2010 08:31 AM CST

Troy Hadrick is looking for $22 million. That's what it will cost to build a campaign to promote America's farmers and ranchers on NASCAR's pit row. And when you hear Hadrick talk about the program, $22 million begins to sound like a deal.

The no-nonsense rancher from Faulkton, S.D., has a face you might remember. He countered a contribution Yellow Tail wine made to The Humane Society with a YouTube video that went viral. It was a simple, straightforward image of the young rancher pouring a bottle of the wine out on the ground, with cattle in the background. The reaction had Yellow Tail backpedaling on its donation soon after the video was posted.

Since then, Hadrick and his wife, Stacy, have become well-known advocates of the American farmer and rancher. They travel and speak across the country with one goal: letting average consumers get to know a real rancher. It's a rewarding pursuit.

"It's amazing to watch it happen, when consumers meet a farmer or rancher. It's like the lightbulb goes on and they see we are human and that we do care," says Hadrick.

The rancher says for too long media and organizations he considers anti-agriculture have worked to fear monger and dehumanize people who produce America's food. He points to terms like "factory farm" or "big ag," which he says have a goal of "making us faceless and cold."    Read More

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