Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Breakfast on the Farm

Horning family hosts Breakfast on the Farm
Published: Monday, June 28, 2010
By Randi Shaffer, Heritage Newspapers

Have you ever wondered how your food makes it from raw elements to a meal on your plate?

For those who attended Breakfast on the Farm at Horning Farms, the process is no longer a mystery.

Horning Farms, located at 11834 E. Pleasant Lake Road near Manchester, hosted one of three Breakfast-on-the-Farm events in Michigan Saturday.

"It's important to show people that their food comes from someplace besides the grocery store," said Earl Horning, a fifth-generation owner of Horning Farms.

Earl Horning and his wife, Diana, are winners of the 2010 MSU Dairy Farmer of the Year award, presented by the MSU Department of Animal Science. The duo, along with their son, Jeff, and daughter-in-law, Lynda, hosted the event.

More than 3,700 tickets were given away for Breakfast on the Farm.

Horning said the point of the event was to expose the general public to modern-day farming operations.

Breakfast on the Farm featured 10 different educational stations. Tour participants had a chance to stop by each station to learn about a variety of topics, including dairy feeds, the health of animals, calf care, cropping and conservation practices, and manure nutrients. Read More

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a farm tour must be worth millions. What better way to tell our story to our non-aggie friends than to let them see if for themselves. There are lots of ways to educate people about agriculture and it’s important that we use all of them. With so much misinformation being spread about where food comes from, every little effort will make a difference. Congratulations to Horning Farms and all the other farms that hosted a breakfast recently.

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