Thursday, December 3, 2009

CHS New Leaders Institute

We had a great morning presenting to the New Leaders Institute at the CHS Annual Meeting in Minneapolis. It was a diverse group that represented many different states, but there was the common bond of agriculture that certainly made us feel right at home and excited to share our message.

My favorite part of getting to present to groups like this is when we have the chance to visit with so many of the audience members afterwards. All of them have great questions to ask and stories of their own to share. It's always exciting to hear so many of them tell us that we have inspired them and given them the tools to become advocates for agriculture.

There is no doubt that this group will be doing some fantastic things from here on out and we can't wait to hear about them.

I hope everyone has a great day and that you find an opportunity to share your story with someone today.


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Rachael Spangelo said...

Just wanted to thank you for coming and talking to us.It was one of my favorite things about the conference I brought the info back to my collegiate cattle womens club and they are really interested in hearing you speak.Of course we have to have a meeting to decide such things but we should be getting in touch with you soon.