Tuesday, November 3, 2009

McDonalds/Beef Internet Hoax Continues

McDonald's and Canadian cattle producers debunk persistent Internet hoax
(CP) – 13 hours ago

LANIGAN, Sask. — McDonald's Canada and the president of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association are trying to counter what they say is false information being spread by an Internet hoax.

The hoax email purports to be from an Alberta cattle-feeding group and calls for a boycott of the fast-food chain because it says McDonald's has plans to buy most of its beef from South America.
Not true, association president Brad Wildeman said Monday.

He's been receiving the email in one form or another since 2003 and in the past, has tried personally emailing the sender to refute it.

Because the email has been so widely circulated, the association thought it was time to set the record straight, he said.

"We needed to take a more proactive stance and not only say it's not true and it's a hoax, but here's the real facts behind what's going on," Wildeman said. Read More

I bet I get this United States version of this email at least a few times a year. Every time I get it, I take the time to email everyone who received it to let them know it is a hoax. There is always some beef producer that forwards it to me that is mad as hell about this. What we should be mad about is the fact that the original intent of this email was to make people question the safety of our product. Yes, because there are humans involved in the food chain, mistakes are sometimes made. That goes for any type of food you eat. But the truth is that we enjoy the safest food supply on the planet. If you see this email going around, please let everyone know that it is a hoax.


Shari--UltraBeef said...

Unfortunately I have received this email countless times as well. The most disappointing part about it is I specifically remember one or two of the people that sent it to me actually asked me if I received the email and said they believed it.

Anonymous said...

Just a few weeks ago I was at McDonald's and asked where the beef in the Angus Burger was from and was told New Zeland. Thought that was interesting. Don't we have enough Angus in America to supply McDonald's? This was in Turlock, CA.

Pamela Sweeten for TID said...

McDonalds in Turlock, CA gets there Angus burgers from New Zeland.