Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More On The Cow Tax

Farmers Panic About a ‘Cow Tax’
By Kate Galbraith

The comment period for the Environmental Protection Agency’s exploration of greenhouse gas regulation ended last Friday, with farmers lobbying furiously against the notion of a “cow tax” on methane, a potent greenhouse gas emitted by livestock.

The New York Farm Bureau issued a statement last week saying it feared that a tax could reach $175 per cow, $87.50 per head of beef cattle and upward of $20 for each hog.

Such a tax would represent a “massive hit on our industry here in New York,” said Peter Gregg, a spokesman for the farm bureau, in an interview.

“You could take all of our cows together and they probably wouldn’t have the same effect on the atmosphere than the average traffic jam on the Tappan Zee Bridge,” he added. Read More

The so-called “cow tax” really made a splash in the livestock industry. It has been the buzz since last week. The reason being is that as ridiculous as it sounds, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see it happen. The global warming camp is starting to feel pressure to get legislation passed since there is mounting evidence against global warming and they feel they have the proper people in office to finally have a chance.

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