Monday, September 8, 2008

The Accurate Story of Manure

Manure "smells like money" as energy costs rise

With energy prices driving the cost of agricultural inputs up, nutrient-rich manure is getting another look."

Calls to Extension offices from people looking for manure and manure compost have increased in recent months," says Tommy Bass, Montana State University Extension livestock environment associate specialist.Bass said that this shift in perception is good for water quality, too.

"As manure gains value, it is likely to be used more efficiently and effectively. There's a potential for increased revenue for animal feeding operations," he said. Read More

While there are many people in this country that would like to convince you that manure is toxic waste, they obviously haven’t worked with it or studied how beneficial it is to agriculture. This seems to be aggravating me more and more, this attempt to label manure as nothing but a waste product. There is nothing wasteful about it. This is Mother Nature’s miracle-gro. While we need to make sure that we handle it properly, the benefits that manure can provide us are many, and with things like methane digesters becoming more popular, that list continues to grow.

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