Thursday, August 14, 2008

Making a Statement

County is livestock friendly
Published: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 4:48 AM CDT
Telegraph Staff Report

Lincoln County is now officially livestock friendly.

Governor Dave Heineman presented the Livestock Friendly designation to County Commissioner Duane Deterding Tuesday evening.

"In seeking this designation, Lincoln County has demonstrated its commitment to rural economic development and agriculture," Heineman said. "The Livestock Friendly program recognizes the positive impact livestock industry has on communities across our state.

"Lincoln County joins 10 other Nebraska counties certified as Livestock Friendly in the state.

"Our livestock producers represent about 65 percent of ag receipts in Nebraska, so we know the important impact of this industry on the ability of our economy to grow," the governor said.

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With NIMBYism running rampant through this country, it is refreshing to see counties that are willing to stand up and tell everyone that they realize the importance of animal agriculture. There are going to be four billion more mouths to feed by the middle of this century and here is a community that has decided to be part of the solution to increased food production, rather than a roadblock.

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lightninboy said...

Isn't "Livestock Friendly" just another way of saying "CAFO Plagued"?