Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The War on Coal

Georgia Judge Cites Carbon Dioxide in Denying Coal Plant Permit
Published: July 1, 2008

A judge in Georgia has thrown out an air pollution permit for a new coal-fired power plant because the permit did not set limits on carbon dioxide emissions.

Both opponents of coal use and the company that wants to build the plant said it was the first time a court decision had linked carbon dioxide to an air pollution permit.

The decision’s broader legal impact was not clear, either for the plant, proposed to be built near Blakely, in Early County, Ga., or for others outside Georgia, but it signaled that builders of coal plants would face continued difficulties in the court system as well as with elected officials in many states. Read More

Coal is one of our most abundant natural resources in this country. We have many centuries worth of coal available to us. With electricity demands always increasing, every proposed coal plant project has been met with lawsuits over the plant food (carbon dioxide) that they emit. At the same time, there are no guidelines to regarding the emissions of carbon dioxide. Why is it that those who like to complain about how our electricity is made are still more than happy to consume it?

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